'World of Starcraft' in the Works Using StarCraft II Engine

Oh the places you'll go, wielding Blizzard's StarCraft II map editor.

Like World of StarCraft, a slick looking StarCraft MMORPG in pre-alpha that has Blizzard's fingerprints everywhere, even if they're showing up courtesy someone else's fingers.

Take a bow, StarCraft II map editor, already notorious for pulling off stuff like Tetris, a space-based 3D shooter, a third-person shooter, and a Diablo-style StarCraft-themed hack-and-slash.

And now, this:

How far will this thing get before Blizzard weighs in? Who knows, but the project's administrator, Ryan Winzen, anticipates trouble. He's put up a preemptive letter to Blizzard on the mod's forums, requesting that the company not send "some messenger with a cease and desist letter," suggesting that the mod "holds possibilities for both of us," and concluding that if Blizzard grants him a "seal of approval," he won't "let [them] down."

Source: Pixelated Geek

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