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Have Fun Learning Anatomy With Speed Anatomy for Android

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Speed Anatomy qualifies as a puzzle game and as an interactive, anatomical study guide. You can use it to study for an exam or to entertain yourself at odd moments. Either way, it's a lot of fun.

Speed Anatomy is easy to play: The app shows you a diagram of some portion of human anatomy and then asks you to point to the location of a specific organ, bone, or muscle. It times your response, so the more rapidly you provide the correct answer, the higher your score will be. If you guess wrong, the app highlights the correct location so you can learn it.

The game begins with simple identifications such as the location of the liver, but it becomes progressively more challenging as you continue. Soon you'll be identifying the names of body parts that are familiar only to medical professionals.

I have a couple of minor quibbles with the app: It calls the shoulder blade a "shoulder blade," rather than a "scapula." And there's no zoom function for the images, which can be frustrating when you're dealing with complex areas such as the arteries and veins near the heart, or with close-proximity bones like the radius and the ulna.

Overall, though, this is a great app with an intuitive interface that takes full advantage of the touchscreen. Like flashcards, it focuses in on one thing at a time, but in a more interactive and fun way.

The developer offers two similar but more advanced apps: Speed Muscles MD ($2.94) and Speed Bones MD ($1.95). Together they offer a pretty cheap way to "bone up" on your anatomical knowledge!

Have you found any fun and educational Android apps? Contact Brent W. Hopkins on Twitter as @brentwhopkins.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Speed Anatomy

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