Holy Multitouch, Batman; It's The Three-Screen Smartphone!

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[Photo: Yanko Design]
I know this isn’t the first insane phone concept I’ve shown you, but Kristian Ulrich Larson's design for a real flip phone takes the cake. It’s an Android device with 3 touchscreens. You can fold it up into different shapes (finally, an alarm clock I don’t have to buy a dock for!) in order to facilitate usability.

The included video shows how you would "flick" apps from one screen to another and flip the phone to scroll, among other innovative and useful things.

Kristian’s description talks about how all smartphones these days are rectangle affairs with a flat screen, making it hard to tell between them. I can’t agree with this more, and I’m honestly surprised something like this hasn’t made it’s way into our lives before this.

Just waiting for the technology to come out, like George Lucas and Star Wars, I guess.

The more I watch the video the more I think I’d buy a gadget like this, even if I was stuck in a draconian carrier contract already. It appears to be running a custom version of Android, so one can hope if it ever comes to production it’ll be a Nexus One-like online sale kind of thing. I can’t really say this would look even remotely as cool with Touchwiz or Motoblur. Sorry, guys.

[Yanko Design via TNW]

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