What Do Nintendo 3DS Games Look Like?

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Want a bunch of screens of Nintendo 3DS games you can't play for two months? Isn't that just the kick in the pants. Two months to wait for stuff like Kid Icarus, Bust-A-Move, and Super Monkey Ball. And check out those Zelda: Ocarina of Time stills. Admit it, those look pretty sweet.

And then you have these ridiculous little red bands along the bottom. I'm still not sure why Nintendo felt it necessary to disfigure these screens with blaring 2D disclaimers: "2D image of Nintendo 3DS game." Well duh. Did you hear Nintendo talk about its "Make 3D Work On 2D Screens" technology during yesterday's press event? Neither did I.

Still, you can learn a lot from a still. Take the Mii Maker, which works like one of those "See yourself as a cartoon!" ads that's always popping up on sites like Facebook.

Mii Maker

Or how about Face Raiders, which I thought dropped your face on a player-controlled spaceship, but in fact maps your mug to creepy little helicoptering orbs (among other vehicles) you have to shoot before they--I mean "you"--end up, well, it's hard to say, but judging from the look on the faces in the screenshot below, auto-cannibalization comes to mind. (Imagine the shelf-loads of paper some bored academic's going to waste expounding on the post-postmodern import of that.)

The 3DS's Activity Log, which comes preinstalled, looks an awful lot like the Wii's Nintendo Channel "usage stats" screen, only with extras like a daily step-tracking chart, and bonus incentives: The more you walk, the more "Play Coins" you earn to unlock "special content." How many players are going to tote the 3DS around for that reason alone? Very clever, Nintendo.

And then there's PilotWings Resort, a casual flying game which seems to have no problem rendering large, reasonably complex environments apparently pop-in free. Check out the ship, lighthouse, and spindly wind turbines along the horizon below (and note that I'm upscaling the images dramatically to meet our sizing criteria, thus the annoying interpolation, i.e. "pixel blurring").

In any event, Nintendo's set up a pretty slick site for the 3DS with more screens and video clips and explanations of how everything works. Never mind the actors pretending be gobsmacked by the thing. That's not what anyone looked like trying the 3DS out for the first time at E3 last year, anyway.

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