Smartphone Gloves Let You Use Touchscreens in Snow Zones

Unable to answer your phone or use your tablet while outdoors this winter because you can't get your gloves off fast enough? Pick up a pair of these touchscreen-compatible gloves and put your tech to work despite the cold.

Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves Make Winter Smartphone Use Possible

These gloves will keep your hands warm and let you use your touchscreen devices at the same time. From designer gloves to a simple DIY tutorial, we've rounded up some of the best hand-warming strategies to use on cold winter days when your phone's touchscreen gets touchy.

North Face ETIP Gloves

Even popular glove purveyors like North Face are getting into the touchscreen glove game. These Etip Gloves ($40.00 | More Info) from North Face are a little flashy but highly functional.

Handmade Texting Gloves and Mittens

The shopping site Etsy specializes in selling handmade and vintage items. It offers more than 10 pages of texting or fingerless gloves and mittens. Some of the patterns (available in men's and women's sizes) let you decorate your knuckles with hip phrases.

Freehands Gloves

If you want to avoid frostbitten thumbs and index fingers, but you prefer to take a low-tech approach, try these Freehands Fleece Gloves with finger flaps ($19.95 | More Info).

Tavo Gloves

Great for cold-weather use in locales that have relatively temperate climates, these Tavo Gloves ($29.95 | More Info) can also serve as liners for even heavier-duty gloves.

Etre Touchy Gloves

Not every pair of gloves needs to incorporate an expensive high-tech solution to the touchscreen problem. Etre Touchy's gloves (£19.99 | More Info) leave the final joint of your thumb and forefinger unclothed for direct contact with your screen.

Dots Gloves

These great lambswool Dots Gloves ($20.00 | More Info) are the total package: warm, functional, and inexpensive.

Leather TouchTec Gloves

Is it the second zipper, the Zwarovsky crystals, or the nano Touchtec material that makes these gloves ($485 | More Info) the most expensive on the market?

Power Stretch 5 Finger Liner

They may look as though someone reclaimed them from a bad Spider-man halloween costume, these Power Stretch 5 Finger Liner gloves ($24 | More Info) have conductive fabric on all five fingertips, which makes them useful for tablets as well as for phones.

Echo Touch Gloves

Many of these gloves presented in this slideshow are heavy-duty items for times when you need to, say, use your Droid or iPhone while hiking up a mountain. But Echo's Basic Touch Gloves ($30 | More Info) are somewhat more-fashionable models for the ladies.

DIY iPhone Gloves

Of course if none of these options work you can always take the matter of your own hands into your own hands by using this instructable guide to create your own touchcreen gloves.

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