Apture Highlights Extension Enriches Chrome Browsing With Extra Information

Apture Highlights (free) is a supremely useful Chrome extension that makes it simple to get information, pictures and videos about any phrase you come across on the Web--with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of pleasure. It's simple to use, saves plenty of time, and delivers useful and relevant information quickly.

Apture Highlights does a superb job of grabbing content from across the Web and putting it in easy reach of your Chrome browser.
Using the Apture Highlights extension is a breeze. Highlight any text in Chrome, and a "Learn More" icon appears above it. Click the icon and nifty pop-up window appears, with a definition of the term, photos, and links to videos, pictures, and search results. Click a picture or video, and it appears in a full window over your screen. When you're done viewing the picture or video, click the X, and it disappears.

Particularly useful is that Apture Highlights brings together information in one small pop-up that you otherwise might not have been able to find, or that you would have spent a great deal of time searching for. And because you interact with the pop-up, rather than the underlying Web page, you aren't sent away from the Web page on which you began browsing.

Whether you're using Chrome to do research or plan a trip, or you're just plain curious, you'll find Apture Highlights an extension that you'll want to keep installed. It's a keeper.

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