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Where would we be without robots? Probably a little farther away from a sci-fi dystopian future, but that's besides the point. Let's look at some of our favorite robotics stories from the past week.

Flying Robots Can Design and Build Stuff

University of Pennsylvania researchers managed to program a team of quadcopter drone bots to not only build structures, but to draw up the plans for them too--all the humans have to do is tell the robots what sort of thing to build This might be the most unsettling robotics development of the year so far, primarily because of the buzzing sound the robots make when flying around. Hit the link above to see them in action.

Robotic Knifefish Swims Vertically, Makes Terrible Sushi

Based on the actual Amazonian black ghost knifefish, researchers created a robotic fish that can swim vertically as well as horizontally. Great, now robots can out-swim us too...

Kinect Hack Makes Robot Mimic Its Master

The headline says it all, really. I'd love to see a robot try to mimic a breakdancing human.

I, Pogo Stick

I have terrible coordination, so if I decide to use a pogo stick, I should probably stick to the iHop, a robotic pogo stick designed and built by a grad student. What's so special about this contraption? It self-balances--perfect for awkward souls like me.

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