Angry Birds Attack: Popular App Headed to Hollywood and Beyond

Angry Birds is not just a popular smartphone game anymore. Angry Birds have morphed into plush dolls, ornaments, costumes, and soon a possible Hollywood movie.

Angry Birds Attack Popular Culture

Pop culture has gone to the birds, Angry Birds that is.   The popular mobile device game from Finnish game maker Rovio has become a worldwide phenomenon. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said in early December the paid version of the game had been downloaded over 12 million times, largely for iOS devices. On top of that, the free versions on iOS, Nokia, WebOS and Android were downloaded about 30 million times, Hed said. The franchise has expanded way beyond the original game that debuted in 2009. There are now several versions of the popular game and more to come this year. But Angry Birds isn't just about games there are also plush toys, fan-made items like Christmas ornaments and Halloween costumes, and there's even talk of an Angry Birds movie or TV Show. Here's a look at Angry Birds: the pop culture phenomenon.


Angry Birds Seasons was a smash hit when it hit mobile devices in early December. The game was a spin on the Advent calendar, only allowing players to unlock one level per day until Christmas.

Angry PC

If you can't get enough Angry Birds you can now crash into green pigs on your desktop. Mac users can find Angry Birds on the newly launched Mac App Store, and Windows users can get the game on the Intel AppUP Store. There are also plans for consoler versions and a Windows Phone 7 game. There's no doubt about it: the future looks angry. For Rovio, that's a good thing.

Angry Ornaments

The Clock Blog was selling these handmade felt Angry Birds Christmas tree ornaments via ETSY during the holiday season. Each ornament was about the size of a baseball and sold for $3 each. The DIY blog Dollar Store Crafts also had a how to post teaching you how to make your own angry ornaments.

Plush Toys

Rovio introduced 5- and 8-inch Angry Birds plush toys in time for the holidays in late 2010. But due to overwhelming demand the company soon sold out of the little figurines leading to inflated gift pricing on sites like eBay and Amazon.

Angry Peace

If you had any doubt about Angry Birds being a worldwide phenomenon, look no further than a recent skit from the Israeli weekly satirical program Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Country). The show recently did a skit using the Angry Birds characters as stand-ins for Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators. Check it out on YouTube.

Valentine's Day

A YouTube video from Deutsche Welle English gives a sneak peak at the next installment of the Angry Birds game due out on February 14, Valentine's Day. The new episode will have a pink theme, and even though it's designed for the Hallmark holiday of love our feathered friends won't be taking it easy on those dastardly green pigs. Check out the Deutsche Welle video here.

Angry Costumes

The Clock Blog got into the Halloween spirit in 2010 with Angry Birds Halloween costumes. If you want to make your own Angry costume for Halloween 2011 check out the blog's DIY instructions.

Angry Animation

Kids love those animated Angry Birds shorts on YouTube, and in August there were rumors that Angry Birds was going to capitalize on this by becoming an animated movie. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed confirmed in December during the Le Web conference in Paris that his company had spoken to Hollywood about the company's trademark franchise. But Hed also said that a movie deal of any kind was a long way off, but said the company was looking at an Angry Birds TV show. He'd recently reiterated Rovio's intention to bring Angry Birds to broadcast television, according to The New York Post.


Now folded into Angry Birds Seasons, Rovio's Halloween version was the first "holiday"-themed Angry Birds game and was downloaded one million times in its first six days.

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