20 Weird and Wacky Products for Android Fans

Looking for the right gear to show off your allegiance to Android? Look no further.

Wacky, Weird Android Swag

Android phones and tablets? Those are for fair-weather fans. If you really (really) love Google's open-source mobile operating system, you won't be content with owning the electronic gadgets on which it runs. You'll also need some of the coolest Android swag around, so you can proclaim your Android allegiance to the world.

An Android Army

Build your own Android army with these collectible figurines. Start with the classic green solo Droid, or snap up the multipack for an instant army. Then add some flair with a special-theme doll--perhaps the Chinese New Year figurine or the snowman-like "Flakes" figurine. Or if you fancy yourself as an Android designer, use the upcoming do-it-yourself kit to create your own Android figurine.

Really, Who Doesn't?

One of the best things about Android is its open nature, which gives you access to cool technologies that Apple will never allow on its iPhone and iPad. You know, like Adobe Flash. And of course, mobile porn. Show Steve Jobs what you think of his antiporn stance by proudly sporting this button. Or if you prefer to keep your proclivities a bit more private, you can opt to wear the message under your pants.

Your Android Assets

If Android boxers aren't your style, perhaps this Android thong is more your thing. It celebrates your Android allegiance, all while promising to eliminate panty lines. And it costs just $12. What more could you want?

Hit the Slopes

Don't have time to hit the slopes this winter? You can schuss vicariously through Androski, a lovable little guy who comes complete with his own skis. And those skis are more than just cute accessories--they let Androski act as a stand for propping up your Android phone. The included teeth, however, are just for decoration. See what I mean in this YouTube video.

It's Android Time

Let's face it: We all use our cell phones to tell time these days, so who needs an actual wall clock? Any self-respecting Android fan, that's who--at least when the clock in question is this adorable ode to Android love.

How Cute Is This?

Android may have its roots in open-source geekdom, but that doesn't mean it can't be cute. Just check out this handmade crocheted Android doll, available on Etsy. Standing 6.5 inches tall, this little Droid celebrates the cuddlier side of Google's mobile OS.

The Best Dressed Baby on the Block

Not experiencing hyperglycemia yet? You just might be after dressing up your favorite baby in head-to-toe Android gear. Start with a soft, cozy baby hat, and then snap on an infant onesie. Top it off with a bib like this one, with its sly anti-Apple message. All three items are available in pink, blue, and unisex colors green and white.

Cozy and Cuddly

True Android fanboys may claim there's nothing their Android phone can't do, but even the most die-hard Android lover has to admit that a smartphone--even one running Android--isn't something that you'd want to cuddle up with. Luckily, this squishable 15-inch Android plush toy makes a perfect stand-in.

Sweet Android Dreams

Want to supplement your squishable Android plush doll? Consider adding another Android touch to your home with these Android pillows. Available on Etsy, these 12-inch-square pillows will fit on your couch or your bed, adding the perfect Android touch to your home.

An Android Carry-All

If you like the idea of a soft, cushy Android item, but prefer something a tad more practical, consider this handmade Android bag. Built in the shape of your favorite Droid, it's actually a 12-inch tall bag that closes with a zipper. The arms and legs attach with velcro, so you're free to move them as you like.

Bathroom Humor

How do you really feel about Apple? Make the truth known with this baseball cap, which takes a clear stance in the battle of Google vs. Steve Jobs' evil empire. If headgear isn't your style, but you like the message this one delivers, take heart: This icon also is available on a t-shirt. And for expectant moms , there's even a maternity shirt.

Perfect for the Boardroom

If you're looking for a more elegant way to express your Android allegiance, perhaps this tie clip will meet your needs. It's handmade of sterling silver, and the Android itself is just half an inch tall.

Get Silly

If you have kids, you're probably familiar with Silly Bandz--colorful, rubbery bracelets that come in a multitude of shapes and are designed to be worn in mass quantities. You can find Silly Bandz in the shape of cartoon characters and farm animals, and now in the shape of your favorite OS mascot. That's right: there is such a thing as Android-shaped Silly Bandz. Get yours for less than a dollar.

He Wants to Suck Your Blood

Vampires are just as popular as Silly Bandz these days, so it makes sense that you can find "Andy" Android dressed up like one of these phantoms of the night. With its pale skin, fangs, and stylish black suit, this Android figurine is dressed to kill.

The Key to Android

You shouldn't use your Android phone while driving, but that doesn't mean you have to surrender all things Android when you're behind the wheel. Keep Android close to your heart--or at least your car keys--with a keychain sporting a toy Android doll. You can opt for an Android keychain in the traditional lime green or add some flair to your nighttime driving with this glow-in-the-dark version.

Send a Message

The folks at Android Gear say that you can use this messenger bag to carry around everything from your laptop to diapers for your little one. And that certainly is true. But the question remains: If you use an "Android Does" messenger bag to carry a MacBook around, is that heresy or ecumenism? You decide.

Secure Storage

Put your favorite Droid to work storing your data. This Android-shaped USB drive will hold up to 4GB of files for you. More important, it will look cool while doing so.

The Cutest Cell Phone Charger Ever

This Android-shaped phone charger would top the wish list of many an Android groupie...if only it worked with an actual Android phone, that is. Unfortunately, it comes with the SciPhone Dream G2, an Android knock-off from China. Here's hoping we see a real version of this cute charger soon.

For the Fashionable Female

Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a designer purse from Coach or Burberry when you can get this Android-imprinted bag for just $25? From far away, it may look like your average argyle bag, but as you get closer you'll see the friendly pink and green Droids that reveal your OS allegiance. If the purse alone isn't enough for your favorite Android-loving lady, consider adding this umbrella to complete the Android ensemble.

The Classic Tee

You can find dozens and dozens of Android t-shirts online. Here are a few of our favorites. The Exploded Andy t-shirt "opens the source," showing you what's on the inside of your favorite little green Droid. This Android iDo t-shirt lets everyone know what you think about Apple's rival platform. Or take your anti-Apple stance one step beyond with this shirt, which shows Andy Android taking on an Apple army.

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