Debtris Makes International Debts Far Easier to Follow

Talking about debt is all the rage these days in governments around the world. For that reason, the blog Information is Beautiful has created a video entitled “Debtris,” a way to look at various government-related debts, using the visual language of the familiar Tetris video game. (They’ve even added an 8-bit audio track reminiscent of the original theme.) There are videos for both Britain and the United States, though each contains similar data for the respective governments.

While neither video shows the complete picture, both present a striking way to look at the way our world manages its money, both in terms of big and small expenditures. Maybe it’s time that governments start doing cool visualizations of their own.

[Information is Beautiful via Kotaku]

Blair Hanley Frank is going to have Russian folk songs stuck in his head all day long.

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