Two Easy Mouse-Click Shortcuts You Need to Learn

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Regular Hassle-Free PC readers know of my fondness for keyboard shortcuts. But let's not overlook the mouse, which is just as capable of saving you precious seconds while you work.

For example, suppose you're working on a document and want to italicize a word. Most people reach for the mouse, click and hold the left button, then drag to select that word. That gets the job done, but it's slow and imprecise.

The faster, easier way? Just double-click the word (like I did in the example at left). Presto! It's instantly highlighted, and ready for italicizing, copying, or whatever.

Want to work the same magic on an entire paragraph? Just triple-click anywhere inside it. Again, presto: the whole thing is instantly selected.

By the way, these click-tricks work in lots of places: word processors, Web browsers (try it right here!), e-mail programs, and so on. Once you get in the habit, I guarantee you'll never go back to the old click-and-drag method.

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