Deadly Solar Death Ray Can Cause Burns, Death

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What do you get when you glue 5,800 mirrors onto a satellite dish? You guessed it! A SOLAR DEATH-RAY!

A 19-year old claims that his solar death-ray has the power of 5,000 suns, presumably because of the number of mirrors it has. The solar death-ray was built of a bunch of tiny mirrors onto a 5'9” dish for only about 90 dollars. At the focal point, where all the light converges together, of the solar death-ray every material placed into it was melted or destroyed.

As for "obliterating everything," even this even more epic and powerful lens can't obliterate everything on the planet. I'm pretty sure that carbon--with its more than 3500 degree Celsius--melting temp can withstand this kid's “death-ray,” not to mention the raised melting temperature of materials under high pressure like the Earth's solid core. And, uh, since the core of our star is some 27 million degrees Fahrenheit I kind of doubt the kid's facts, but hey, you've gotta give him credit for trying.

The teen is apparently building a larger lens with some 32,000 mirrors because this last one was ironically destroyed in a burning shed. I'm not entirely sure what this teen plans to do with his monstrous array of tiny mirros, but if anything he can cook us some hot dogs.

[Eric Jacqmain via Daily Mail and Gizmodo / Photo: miss_rogue on Flickr; used under Creative Commons]

James Mulroy wants a Death-Ray like the one from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog because that Death-Ray is more portable and more practical.

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