Super Bowl XLV Tech: 10 Super Apps and Gadgets For The Big Game

Make the 2011 Super Bowl your most epic Super Bowl celebration yet with these game day apps and gadgets.

Ready for the Big Game?

In just a few short days the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers line up for Super Bowl XLV. As every good tech junkie knows you can only properly enjoy the big game if you've got the right gear including a great camera to photograph the fun, wireless meat thermometers, a proper drink chiller and the official Super Bowl XLV game program. Check out this collection of 10 essential Super Bowl apps and gadgets to make sure 2011 is your greatest Super Bowl celebration yet.

Super Eats

What It Is: Food-centric iOS Apps

Where You Can Get It: iTunes App Store

Cost: Free to $4.99

Breakdown: There are tons of apps for the budding Super Bowl chef, grill master or take-out guru. Check out the Eye Chef Big Game app for iPad and iPhone ($1.99) featuring 10 party food ideas including recipes and step-by-step instructional videos. Weber's On The Grill iPad and iPhone app ($4.99) has 265 recipes to help m           aximize your BBQ potential on Sunday. If you can't be bothered with cooking, order take-out with these apps from Papa John's, Pizza Hut or Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches.

Icy Cold

What It Is: iBeerCooler

Where You Can Get It: iTunes Store

Cost: $0.99

Breakdown: Don't miss the game because you have to see if your beer or other assorted beverages are cold enough to drink. Instead, grab this app from the iTunes Store to track your cooling progress. Input the temperature of your cooling device, the current temperature of your beer and press start. iBeerCooler will figure out how long it should take to cool your beverage and a pop-up alert will let you know when it's done. This app does not act as a thermometer so you'll have to figure that part out yourself.

Super Souvenir

What It Is: Official Game Program

Where You Can Get It: iTunes Store

Cost: Free

Breakdown: If you can't be there in person to buy souvenirs you can still get a virtual copy of the game program on the iTunes Store (iPad only). The program features team previews, rosters, tons of images, special videos, articles, stats, an interactive 3D model of the Lombardi Trophy and a 2010 NFL Season week-by-week review.

Stadium Tour

What It Is: Official NFL Super Bowl Guide

Where You Can Get It: iTunes Store and Android Market

Cost: Free

Breakdown: For those who want to take their imaginary Super Bowl trip one step further, check out the NFL's official Super Bowl guide for iOS and Android devices. This app features an interactive map of Cowboy Stadium, a schedule of Super Bowl Week events and a restaurant and entertainment guide for the Dallas area. If you're in Dallas this weekend you can also use the app's location features to help you find your way around town and the stadium.

Smack Talk

What It Is: NFL Pro Tweets App

Where You Can Get It: iTunes App Store

Cost: Free

Breakdown: NFL players are prohibited from tweeting from the bench, but that doesn't mean players sitting at home won't be talking smack during the Super Bowl. Found out what the NFL's stars are thinking during the game with this free app that aggregates tweets from every NFL player who has a Twitter account. You can also use this app to access your own Twitter stream, send out tweets, and see a tweet stream from journalists covering the NFL and NFLPA news. This app is designed for the iPhone only, but it will work on the iPad as well.

Super CBS

What It Is: CBS Sports Pro Football

Where You Can Get It: iTunes App Store and Android Market

Cost: Free

Breakdown: Get an endless news stream from CBS Sports leading up to and during the Super Bowl. This app features player and team stats, news stories, video and game highlights. Please note the iOS version of this app is for iPad and iPhone, but there are separate downloads for each device.

Remote-Controlled Bar-Bot (or Beer-Bot?)

What it is: Radio-controlled Cooler

Where You Can Get It:

Cost: $55

Breakdown: My guess is that the demographic of lazy beer drinkers is pretty high, increasing the odds that InterActive Toy Concepts might have an instant customer base with its R/C Cooler. This $59 beer-bot is a motorized collapsible drink cooler that you direct with a remote control. Eat your heart out, Homer Simpson.

Feel The Heat

What It Is: Weber Wireless Meat Thermometer

Where You Can Get It: Sears and True Value

Cost: $30

Breakdown: Whether you're going to grill in the icy cold of, well almost the entire country, or some of the more tropical climates, you'll need to know the exact temperature inside your grill. Why not go remote with the Weber Digital Thermometer? Just put the thermometer into the meat, set-up your base station and use the remote module to keep track of the temperature. Next year, plan ahead and order the iGrill Bluetooth meat thermometer online, and use the accompanying iPhone app to track your meat.

Freeze It

What It Is: Coleman Power Chill 40-Quart Freezer

Where You Can Get It: Walmart

Cost: $100

Breakdown: This 120-volt mini fridge stands just 24-inches high and can chill liquids and other essentials to temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. It has a molded handle for easy carrying and will hold up to 44 cans plus snacks.   The fridge also has enough room for 2-liter bottles to stand upright. Put this next to your couch and you'll never have to leave the living room during the game. If you're tailgating on Sunday, this fridge also has a 12-volt attachment for your vehicle.

Last Call For HD

What It Is: Samsung 46-inch LED 3D HDTV and Free Blu-ray player

Where You Can Get It: Best Buy

Cost: $1500

Breakdown: It all comes down to this weekend, and now it's time to focus: do you want a new HDTV or not? Best Buy is offering this 3D HDTV with a free Blu-ray player for $1500. The HDTV features 1080p resolution, 240Hz refresh rate and an Ethernet connection to access Internet apps such as Netflix and Pandora. Once you've got your new TV installed make sure you check out PC World's guide to tweaking your HDTV for the Super Bowl.