AT-AT Sculpture up for Grabs; Tow Cables Not Included

You may remember last year's R2-D2 replica robot, which could be driven like a car. Impressive, but sadly not for sale. But a new Star Wars replica has appeared, and it can be yours for $450.

Blacksmith Sage Werbock created the Imperial Walker, better known as an AT-AT, out of recycled computer parts and other scrap materials. The head is made out of floppy drive housings. The body is made of computer power supplies, while the large feet are from scrap metal. The whole thing is one foot tall and long, weighing in at a hefty 15 pounds.

Sadly, it's not robotic like our R2-D2 friend. It's also rather sharp in places, so it isn't necessarily child-friendly. But what a conversation piece!

If you'd like to check out more pictures (or have already grabbed your credit card), head over to Etsy -- but be quick, as Sage has only made one.

[Etsy via Technabob / Photo: Sage Werbock, Etsy]

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