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SF Weather Helps Locals Keep on Top of Area Weather

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San Francisco is a city filled with smartphone owners. It's also a city filled with what locals refer to as "microclimates," pockets with different temperature and weather conditions.

Although most people associate California with constant sunshine, San Francisco is notorious for its fog. When most of the country is experiencing hot weather, San Francisco is mostly cold; when everyone else is feeling the cool breezes of fall, the weather here usually feels more like summer. However, the climate also depends on where in the city you are. For instance, the Sunset neighborhood, located next to the Pacific Ocean, seems to be cloaked in an eternal fog; cross over some hills into the Mission District, and it will typically be sunny and pleasant. Because of these varied conditions, a temperature reading for the city of San Francisco ought to be regarded with suspicion. Who knows what neighborhood that reading came from?

The SF Weather app tells you what the weather will be in a neighborhood, as opposed to a general city reading (or worse, a reading from the airport). SF Weather achieves that level of precision by utilizing data from the Weather Underground, a local weather company, which has enough weather stations located throughout the city to provide accurate data for the neighborhood you are in.

I first became familiar with the Weather Underground as a freshman in college, when I was taking a physics course and needed to get a better grasp of the metric system. The Weather Underground was the first weather Website I found that also provided measurements in the metric system. I've been using it ever since.

As circumstances would have it, SF Weather also offers temperature measurements in Fahrenheit or Celsius. SF Weather features smart, attractive graphics for its maps and other screens, too. The map shows all the different neighborhoods with the temperature and weather conditions. Clicking on a particular neighborhood takes you to a screen with a few more details, such as tomorrow's forecast, wind conditions, highs and lows, and when the last update occurred. Clicking the screen again takes you right back to the map.

Obviously SF Weather is an app designed for one city; however, if you are an Android user living in San Francisco, or just someone visiting for a few days, you should grab this app.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder SF Weather

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