Forget the Faces, How About an L.A. Noire Gameplay Video?

To watch the first few L.A. Noire trailers, you'd think Rockstar wanted out of the games industry and into the movie biz. Everything's Dutch angles, low-key lighting, and talking heads. So how about a trailer that shows how this thing actually plays for a change?

Looking good, Team Bondi. Makes you want to play it, right? Los Angeles circa 1947, faithfully recreated? I mean look at this game: Booze, jazz, swanky cars, three-piece suits, chaos and corruption around every corner. What could go wrong?

The trailer reveals Team Bondi's hardly parted ways with Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto vibe. There's the scene where you bum rush a bunch of guys in a building with a shotgun. Or the one where you're playing fisticuffs. There's the part where you're scooting down a wide street playing bumper cars with criminals on your flank. Or how about the part where you're sneaking around darkened alleys and crate-filled warehouses to see what the bad guys are up to.

That's right, you can call them bad guys without blushing here. It's that kind of game.

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