Rainbowduino Coffee Table Puts Your Furniture To Shame

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Shopping for tables is quite a dull affair, especially given the limited color choices on a budget--shades of brown or glass. Though with some leftover Christmas lights and cardboard you could programme a table as awesome as the mulitcolored RGB LED Coffee table, powered by Rainbowduino.

Rainbowduino was created by Seeed Studio and is essentially an Arduino-compatible board with better support for LED creations. Overall, it makes some very crazy, colorful gadgets that would be best suited at a rave party.

This coffee table in particular was this year's winner of Seeed Studio's Rainbowduino Carnival (yes, Rainbowduino even has its own event), by Sawomedia. Not content with just creating an awesome coffee table, the designer also made the device out of as many recycled products possible: 64 old LED Christmas lights, a cardboard grid to hold the lights in place, and the wood parts of the table made from an old cabinet.

Other than the Rainbowduino, the table was uses a custom 64 Superflux Pixelmatrix (that's for the animation) and can be powered either with a battery or a 9V PSU.

Check out the video below to see the work that went into hand-soldering the table, and then be mesmerized by the glowing lights. This table would be a great addition to a bar or club, don't you think?

[Seeed Studio]

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