Geeky Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up--do you have a gift yet?

Geeky Jewelry for Your Nerdy Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming, and you have no idea what to get your geeky significant other. How does jewelry sound? Not just any jewelry--geeky jewelry. Here are 15 gift ideas--from cursor-inspired cufflinks to pi necklaces--that will fit every type of geek (and every budget).

Made With Molecules

These gorgeous sterling-silver molecule necklaces by Made With Molecules are subtle and classy. Choose from several molecules depending on what you're trying to say, including Seratonin ($85), the molecule of happiness, and Oxytocin ($240), the molecule of romantic bonding.

Pac-Man Jewelry

Is your sweetie into retro gaming? If you have the cash, go ahead and grab a $3700 Ms. Pac-Man & Galaga arcade machine. If you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly, try some adorable Pac-Man jewelry, such as a glow-in-the-dark Pac-Man barrette ($13), a beaded Ms. Pac-Man necklace ($15), or these Pac-Man earrings ($10).

Mr. BeauJangles Cufflinks

Help your guy show off his geeky side at office parties with these cufflinks. Etsy's Mr. BeauJangles has Apple cufflinks ($40), cursor cufflinks ($45), arrow-pointer cufflinks ($40), and even Super Mario cufflinks ($45), all in sterling silver.

Specimen Jewelry

Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, so here's something for the bio geek. Etsy's Noadi sells biology-inspired jewelry, including these cute specimen-jar necklaces (the specimens are sculpted, not real) for just $30.

Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry

When I was little, circuit boards absolutely fascinated me. Needless to say, I would be thrilled if my significant other were to pick up some recycled circuit board jewelry from Etsy's Debby Arem Designs or Sparkover. And circuit boards don't have to look like, well, circuit boards--this red and silver reversible circuit board necklace ($18) by Boardaments is gorgeous.

Periodic Table Rings

The periodic table is a staple of geekdom. And these rings by Itsnoname feature the most precious of the elements--silver, gold, and platinum, of course! The rings will set you back between $295 and $6000, though, because they're made of the metals whose symbols they bear. If you're looking for a similar concept but cheaper, check out Anandi's Laboratory on Etsy.

Cell Phone Button Bracelet

Secco's Handy Bracelet ($20) is made from used cell phone keypad buttons. I suppose it's great for a girl who's attached to her cell phone at the...well, wrist. It's geeky, green, and a good conversation starter (hey what's your number...haha).

Keyboard Jewelry

Ever wonder what happens to your old laptop keyboards? They get pulled apart and made into jewelry by Capitola Girl on Etsy. Old keyboard keys, glass tiles, and silver chain make some attractive, personalized keyboard jewelry. For Valentine's Day, I suggest a LOVE pendant ($32) or these X and O cufflinks ($24).

Kiss Necklace

The perfect way to show you love someone is to use a less-than sign combined with the numeral 3. This sterling-silver less-than-three/"heart" necklace ($20) by Etsy's Metalsmitten is classy and nerdy at the same time.

PlayStation Cufflinks

Your boyfriend is so totally into his PlayStation, he may as well wear it on his sleeve. And now he can, with these sterling-silver PlayStation controller cufflinks ($150,


If her Twitter handle is her life, TwittaBling's customized jewelry will make the perfect gift. Starting at $50, TwittaBling allows you to customize sterling-silver or gold necklaces with Twitter @usernames or hashtags.

Pi Jewelry

Geek girls don't want pie, they want pi! Check out a hand-painted "cherry pi" necklace ($28) by Tuckooandmoocow, a silver abacus-and-pi mathematical-evolution necklace ($25) by Zen25, or, for the hard-core math lover, this 18-inch sterling-silver necklace with the first 100 digits of pi ($345) from RCCJewelry.

Binary Jewelry

There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't. If your lover is the former, you can find a swath of romantic binary jewelry (usually customizable) just waiting to be picked up for Valentine's Day. Binary rings, binary bangles, and binary necklaces abound.

iPhone Jewelry

Does your girlfriend love her iPhone? Instead of buying her a new case, pick up this "There's an App for That" necklace ($20), iPhone settings earrings ($25), or an iPhone SIM card necklace ($50). If she's an Android lover instead, check out an adorable Droid necklace ($25).

@-Sign Earrings

For the girl who's always checking her e-mail (or replying to people on Twitter), 18k gold @-sign earrings are a fashion statement. These earrings ($275), designed by Etsy's Arosha, are also available in 9k gold and sterling silver.

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