Great Geek Bling We Look Forward to Wearing

The solar-powered necklace, the OLED bracelet, and the iBangle may not be available for purchase yet, but that doesn't mean we can't dream.

10 Geek Jewelry Concepts

Although the geeky jewelry of today is limited to less-than-three necklaces and Pac-Man earrings, geeky jewelry of the future will be a lot more interesting. Sure, solar-powered necklaces and cell phone rings are just concept designs at the moment, but technology is becoming sleeker and sexier as we speak--it's only a matter of time before everyone's jewelry is infused with tech. Here are ten jewelry concepts to be on the lookout for.

4D Watch

Assuming that the fourth dimension is time, this 4D watch covers all the bases. The watch, designed by Matej Korytar, is meant to be incredibly easy to read--it uses gravity to display the time properly to the person wearing the watch. In other words, you won't have to orient the watch to see the time--just look at it, no matter what position you're in, and you'll be able to read it.


Apple's design aesthetic is so minimalist and sleek that I wouldn't be surprised if the company came up with something similar to the iBangle, designed by Gopinath Prasana. The iBangle is your typical iPod, with a multitouch trackpad, music controls, and a hold switch. It also features an interesting twist: an air chamber that you can pump up and down to achieve a perfect fit around your wrist.

Accessories MP3 Player

Just in case you don't want people to know you're listening to music, the Accessories MP3 Player (designed by Lee Won-jun) looks like a jewelry set. The MP3 player itself is a gold bracelet, which connects to wireless headphones that resemble gold earrings.

Flexible OLED Bracelet

On the eJoux bracelet (and necklace) by Biju Neyyan, you get a flexible OLED screen that you can program to display whatever image, design, animation, or functionality you want. The device is Bluetooth-enabled, so it'll be interactive and easily programmed.

Cell Phone Rings

You know that "call me" gesture people make with their hands? What if you could actually talk to someone using that gesture (and some sneakily placed technology)? That's the idea behind BCK's color rings. These vibrant rings are designed to be worn on the thumb and pinky finger, and to connect wirelessly to a cell phone.

Fluid Wearable Smartphone

Maybe you'd rather just wear your phone around your wrist instead of connecting it to a pair of wireless rings. In that case, the Fluid wireless smartphone may be for you. This wristphone, designed by Dinard da Mata, features flexible OLED technology and is thin (though wide) and sleek.

Bracelet and Ring Phones

Wishing for more-attractive bracelet- and ring-phone concepts? Here we have Tao Ma's bracelet phone, which has a built-in MP3 player and a fashionable look. The jeweled buttons are a nice touch. Tao Ma has also designed a Sony Ericsson ring phone with an extendable microphone. Just hold the ring to your ear and draw the microphone out, and...well, you still look a little silly, but less silly than you do when making that "call me" hand gesture.

Using Sunlight to Sparkle

This solar-powered necklace designed by Mae Yokoyama doesn't do anything with its captured sun power--except, of course, look awesome. The Lux necklace has solar-power panels and tiny LED bulbs. The panels soak up sunlight during the day and then feed the energy to the bulbs at night, creating the illusion of a glittery pearl necklace in the dark.

Low-Power Time Ring

This futuristic luxury ring, designed by Charles Windlin, tells the time and gives the user calendar data while looking stylish. Instead of a power-sucking screen, the ring is composed of 1710 black-and-white magnetic spheres controlled by a computer chip.

Timex Disposable Nail Watch

Though it doesn't fit the conventional definition of jewelry, the Timex TX54 is a concept watch that you can wear on your fingernail. Yeah, you heard me right: This tiny watch is disposable and designed to be worn on the user's thumbnail. It's also translucent and features a glow function so users will be able to see it in bright daylight.

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