Nokia Shifts its Loyalties . . . Sort of

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Nokia on Friday announced it forged an alliance with Microsoft to help both companies compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Unfortunately it looks like Nokia might have used desktop software from one of its smartphone rivals to make part of that announcement.

Nokia posted a video with CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighting the partnership on its NokiaConversations YouTube channel. If the background music sounds familiar, that's because it's the same music Apple used in its unibody MacBook Pro video.

The loop, titled Pendulum, is bundled with iLife, and its use raises the question: Did Nokia use Apple software to produce its Microsoft partnership video?

Apple Insider seems to think so. The site credits Romanian blogger Adrian Boiglu for first noticing Nokia's use of the loop and suggesting the video was created in iMovie.

I'm not so sure that the soundtrack's presence is a smoking gun that points to Nokia using iMovie to produce the video, but it at least makes that a clear possibility. At the very least it is safe to assume that an Apple workstation was in the mix at some point. (Final Cut Studio, anyone?)

The loop itself can be used by anyone who creates movies on a Mac, as long as it is for noncommercial use.

It might be a little embarrassing for Microsoft, but can Nokia really be faulted for using royalty-free music or a Mac to produce video?

The company's profit declined in the fourth quarter despite an increase in sales. CEO Elrop (the guy from the video) went as far as comparing the company's situation to standing on a burning oil platform in the North Sea in a memo leaked by Engadget .

And it isn't like Windows Live Movie Maker is being embraced in the world of video production like Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Irony aside, let's hope the new partnership is fruitful. Nokia needs help with its software and Microsoft needs a manufacturer to prioritize Windows Phone 7 over Android.

Check out the two videos with the same tune below.

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