Hacker Makes Batman-Style Hidden Switch; Batcave Not Included

Remember the hidden switch Bruce Wayne would use to enter the Batcave in the 1960s-era Batman TV series? Someone actually made it. The New Hobbyist posted details on this incredibly awesome hack, which involves decapitating a bust of Beethoven, inserting a red switch and the necessary electrical components, and reattaching the bust's head with a hinge. Oh, it's wireless, too.

The hack requires only a few components, a little hot glue action, and some band saw skills, but it seems to be a fairly easy project--the creator even notes that it's great for hacking beginners. The only downside? There's no Batcave. Bummer.

Check out the video above, then hit up The New Hobbyist for full instructions and plenty of photos.

[The New Hobbyist via Hack a Day]

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