Hack Turns Fruit Into Carbonated Fizzy Fun

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Getting kids to eat plenty of fruit on a daily basis can be a pain in the backside sometimes. No-one knows this better than "evil mad scientist" Rich Faulhaber, who decided to inject a little fun into fruit--literally. Behold, the CO2inator, a machine that creates bubbly fruit in as little as 20 minutes. Of course, this is just as cool for adults as it is for kids.

The CO2inator was created out of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cylinder of an old paintball gun and a gas regulator, with items such as a hose, water filter housing and a ball valve thrown in. Carbon Dioxide of course disintegrates in water hence the fizz in sodas and sparkling water. However the same theory can be used on cold, solid objects with a high water content--such as fruit.

Once the machine is up and running, pop the chilled or frozen fruit into the water filter (the results are faster and bubblier than if the fruit was at room temperature), attach the cylinder, and start experimenting with the regulator output (Rich recommends between 40 and 60psi). Make sure everything is well sealed though, or explosive accidents might happen. All that's left to do it pressurize the filter and wait for a while, depending on the fruit. You will be left with a pretty much perfectly formed, fizzy fruit to enjoy.

Don't dismiss this as just one for the kids -- big kids could always pop a few of these carbonated fruits in (alcoholic) drinks. Or at least, that's what I would do with them. Hmmm.

Sadly there are no instructions on how the machine was made, though there are plenty of handy How Tos around the Internet to make a simpler, less geeky version. Check out Evil Mad Scientist's Flickr for more photos of the machine in all its glory.

[Evil Mad Scientist via Hack A Day]

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