Android, Kinect Hacked to Work Together: Match Made in Geek Heaven or an Unholy Comingling?

We at Geek Tech have seen some pretty spectacular Kinect hacks, but this latest mashup of a Kinect plus an Android tablet has incredible potential for awesome, portable applications.

The Kinect has been used for all sorts of hacks with traditional computers, but this latest setup has a Kinect working with an Android development tablet. Using openFrameworks and an Armadillo 500 FX Android tablet, HirotakaSter got the table to show the video feed from the Kinect’s camera. While this setup isn’t doing much more than display video at the moment, we’re pretty excited at the prospect of having a portable Android/Kinect system for hacks while on the run.

What would you do with a Kinect-enabled Android tablet? Is this no more than a proof of concept, or would it have more interesting uses?

[HirotakaSter on YouTube via Engadget]

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