Angry Birds Birthday Cake Is The Best Gift Ever

Angry Birds is obviously one of the most popular smartphone games in app stores right now. Not content with just the game, though, there are Angry Birds plushies, spinoffs, animated movies and even real-life Angry Birds. But nothing is cooler than the Angry Birds birthday cake that Ben Cooper's dad Mike made for him.

This pile of edible awesome took a massive 10 hours to make, using a ton of icing, (what looks like) chocolate wafer, chocolate cake cut into specific shapes, and iced birds and pigs. Pretty much everything you see in the image is edible except for the working slighshot. In two minutes, Ben had managed to destroy the cake by hurling the birds at the chocolate mountain. Sorry Dad. Though not to worry, apparently Mike makes his kids' cakes from scratch every year!

Check out the video below to see the cake being painstakingly made and then destroyed and eaten. If I ever have kids, I'd make these all the time not just for my amusement but, you know, to teach them physics and stuff.

Okay, maybe just for me.

[Electric Pig via Gizmodo]

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