Google’s Next Sweet Thing: Android 3.0 Honeycomb Buzzing To Developers

This is going to be a big month for tablet developers! The Motorola Xoom is grabbing some nice reviews, and the impending iPad 2 is getting a lot of rotation in the rumor mill. And now, Google’s latest Android sweet thing is extremely tablet-centric. Android 3.0, dubbed Honeycomb is now hot in the hands of developers.

In addition to optimized dual-core processor and 3D graphics support, Android 3.0 also touts some major improvements to tablet UI. Browser tabs! Now there's a novel idea! (hint, hint, Apple...)

I have installed a handful of Android SDK releases in the past. Every time I was turned off by the sluggish simulator, poor documentation, and the Eclipse IDE (the latter obviously being a manner of preference, but I’m just so very used to Xcode). The release of the Honeycomb SDK definitely has me intrigued enough to give Android another look, and I’m sure many other mobile developers will agree.

You can read more about Honeycomb’s sweet new features here.

Have you installed the Honeycomb SDK yet? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

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