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If you've ever used Google to search for recipes online, you know there's an awful lot of sifting and straining involved. Too often the top links aren't relevant to your culinary needs. Enter "chili" in the Google search window, for instance, and the first two matches are for Chili's Restaurant. Unless you're hankering for some baby back ribs, this won't cut it.

But there's good news: Google's new Recipe View makes it much easier to filter out the irrelevant links and gets exactly what you came for: recipes galore. The feature is active now.

Standard Google search results (click to zoom)
How does it work? Let's stick with our "chili" search example.

Recipe results page (click to zoom)
Again, too much noise there. But notice the "Recipes" link (which I've circled in red) in the left-hand panel. Click it and--voilà!-recipe nirvana!

"You can search for specific recipes like [chocolate chip cookies], or more open-ended topics-like [strawberry] to find recipes that feature strawberries, or even a holiday or event, like [cinco de mayo]," writes Google product manager Kavi Goel in a blog post.

You can also filter recipe results based on a variety of factors, including cooking time, calorie count, ingredients, and so on.

Recipe View is currently available in the U.S. and Japan, with more countries joining the culinary search party in the future. In the video below, Google Chef Scott Giambastiani demonstrates how he uses Recipe View to find tasty recipes for Google's spoiled staff:

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