10 Android 3.0 Honeycomb Apps You Can Get Now

The Android Market has a decent starter selection of Honeycomb apps; here are some of our picks.

What to Load on the Xoom

With Thursday's launch of the Motorola Xoom tablet, the Android Market is now open to apps that take advantage of the big screen and Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. There aren't a lot of apps to choose from yet, so I've scoured the market for a handful of Honeycomb apps that Xoom owners can download right now. Here's what I found . . .


One of Honeycomb's flagship apps, CNN is a lot like its iPad counterpart, with a big grid of stories and videos. But this app also includes an iReport section for amateur reporters who want to shoot photos and video on their shiny new tablets.


Okay, so Trendster isn't the full-blown Honeycomb Twitter app you've been looking for, but it is an interesting take on the latest Twitter buzz. The app shows trending topics and related tweets, and then attempts to explain why these topics have become popular.


Weather apps are essential on any mobile device. WeatherBug's Honeycomb version includes all the usual forecasts and maps, and also takes advantage of the Xoom's built-in barometer for pressure readings. There's one thing the iPad can't do.


WeatherBug didn't quite do it for you? AccuWeather has its own big-screen weather app with all the trimmings. The gorgeous weather graphics in the background are a nice touch.

Touchdown for Tablets

Touchdown gives Exchange addicts a single app to do it all, combining E-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks into a single view.

Grocery IQ

Although there's no point in bringing a 10-inch tablet to the grocery store, Grocery IQ will help you get organized at home with a big-screen shopping list app. Then, you can sync the list with GroceryIQ's phone app, or even with other users. Tell your spouse to bring home the bacon, literally.

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is missing a lot of features -- it's only got a pen, a marker and an eraser -- but it proudly proclaims to be the first drawing app for Android Honeycomb. It's better than nothing.

Monster Madness

Monster Madness was one of the apps that Google highlighted during its Honeycomb event in early February. It's a simple hack-and-slash against zombies and other creatures, and it supports co-operative play over Wi-Fi -- provided you can find someone else who owns a Xoom or Gingerbread phone.

Dungeon Defenders

While not a Honeycomb exclusive, Dungeon Defenders takes advantage of the Xoom's Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and high resolution display with exclusive missions, enemies, bosses, pets and weapons. The game is a cross between tower defense and an RPG.

Samurai II: Vengence

Just like Dungeon Defenders, Samurai II: Vengeance comes with a bunch of Tegra 2 exclusives, and graphics that will fill the big screen. It's a 3D brawler with some light puzzle and RPG elements and a bunch of gore.

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