Meet Gameduino: The Arduino for Game Creation

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Arduino boards are pretty awesome things, aren't they? An arduino kit is usually the force behind a lot of GeekTech's favorite hacks, such as the Yarn Monster, and it even has its own documentary. And then there's the Rainbowduino for those drawn to pretty lights.

But for you passionate gamers, new open-source hardware called the Gameduino has been created, allowing you to create your own eight-bit style videogames. The chip, by designer James Bowman, connects onto a normal Arduino board, where it can then link the arduino to a VGA monitor and speakers. From there, you get access to lots of eight-bit game template goddness, but with more power than the computers of the 1980s.

Check the video from James below to see some of the games you could make in action:

Gameduino is still only in its first production run after testing, so you can only buy it from James' Kickstarter page, where he has already raised over $10,000 for the product. Though to get one you will have to be quick, as Gameduinos production runs a kept short to keep the price down -- blame the cost of chip to get it working. Prices start from $53 for the Gameduino to $433 to get a Gameduino plus someone to create your game idea for you.

For the full game specifications and constant updates on how Gameduino is doing, plus more videos and screenshots, check out James' Website Excamera.


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