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Spanning the intersection between technology and the creative arts, delivering solutions to problems people didn't yet know they had, developing user interfaces that help people change the world, rather than demanding the world change for the UI, here's a handful of key Apple product launches to pass the time while we wait for iPad 2.0 later on today.

The Macintosh

"You've just seen some pictures of Macintosh, now I want to show you Macintosh in person," begins Steve Jobs, casually defining the future of the PC.

The death of the floppy drive

It was 1998, and Steve Jobs introduced the iMac, the product which bought the company back from the brink, killed the floppy drive and helped define the future of the PC.

Notebooks for the rest of us

Macworld, New York, 1999, the first iBook introduction. Here's when Apple introduced the iMac to go, pushing into the notebook space, and moving to help define the future of mobile computing.

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