Robots Are Now Better Than You at Basketball

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I’m sure that those of you who are really devoted to robotics know that robots being better than you at sports is nothing new. But a new project from the National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan is a bit of a different beast.

Rather than just mechanically making the same shot at the same distance every time this unnamed robot works in tandem with a second basketball hoop robot that moves after each shot giving the throwing arm a new target.

The robot then dynamically adjusts its throw based on a stereo camera set up to track the backboard of the basket and then uses that data to map the basket in space. While this set-up may seem simple researchers report the system is 99% accurate.

The robot itself is just a simple robotic arm but for its “performances” the researchers who created it disguise the arm in a plush seal outfit to create the illusion of an adorable sea creature tossing basketballs with pinpoint accuracy.

[IEEE Spectrum via Hack a Day]

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