Even at $150, Sony PSP Go Still Pricey

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Want a PSP Go for $150? Sony just dropped the price on the handheld's official website, and since the never-really-popular Go's probably on Sony's endangered gizmo list, now's the time to grab one, though if you want to pay what it's worth, the company's still charging about $20 too much.

That's because the Go's elder sibling, the PSP 3000, is still $20 cheaper. Sony dropped the price on the 3000 from $180 to $130 last week, and though I've said it before, I'll say it again: The 3000's the better buy, $20 difference or no.

Why? Because it plays UMDs, this you know. What you might not is that a considerable portion of Sony's PSP catalogue still isn't available online. You buy the Go, you won't be able to play stuff like Tactics Ogre, Crisis Core, or Final Fantasy Tactics (the PSP remake). If you want see what is available, Wikipedia has a relatively up to date list. Compare with the list of everything that's been released for the PSP to date before making a decision. Sure, the NGP (probably) won't allow UMD trade-ups, but if you want to play those games now, why buy a system you know with certainty won't let you?

There's the 3000's bigger screen to consider, which I'd rate a selling point if you intend to play older 4:3 PSOne games (you know, without ruining your eyes). The system also rests more comfortably in your hands (or at least my average-sized ones), and can do everything else the Go can, including store downloaded PlayStation Store games on memory cards.

If you're still determined to grab a Go, note that retailers haven't yet adjusted their prices. Amazon still has the go at $199.99, as do GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy.

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