The House From 'Up' Goes Up For Real

Attention Pixar fans! Remember 2009's box-office hit Up ? Well, remember the house that flew in the movie thanks to thousands of attached helium balloons? Computer-animation that may have been, but it just got real.

The folks over at the National Geographic Channel recently got to work on seeing just how difficult recreating a flying house could really be. Their mission to make the Pixar moment a reality is for a new Fall 2011 series called How Hard Can It Be?

The real-life realization of Up's flying house was made a reality at a private east Los Angeles airfield thanks to a geeky team of engineers, scientists and a couple of balloon pilots. The end result saw an 18-feet high model home being lifted by 300 colorful weather balloons.

Its one-hour long flight saw the house reach an a altitude of over 10,000-feet. It sadly did not reach Paradise Falls, though.

[via My Modern Net / Images: National Geographic]

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