Man or Machine? Realistic Robot Blurs the Lines of Reality

At first glance, you could confuse the new Geminoid DK for a very real human. But this robotic creation is the latest android from a team of Japanese researchers.

Designed by Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro and created with the help of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, the Geminoid DK is one of a growing number of human-like androids (no, not that Android) the team has created, all in the name of researching human-robot interactions.

Previous androids created by this research group include Geminoid HI-1, a robot made to look like its creator, Hiroshi Ishiguro. Another noteworthy android the team created, dubbed Geminoid F, was based upon a young Japanese female--and "she" even went on to get an acting job.

Their latest creation was modelled after Danish professor Henrik Scharfe. Check it out:

You can check out more videos of the Geminoid DK robot in action over on the official YouTube page.

[via Fox News]

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