The NES Flash Drive: Get Your Own While It's Hot

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Looking for the latest in data storage? How about something old instead? Instructables user fungus amungus posted how to turn an NES console into a NES flash drive and USB port. Yes, this is the same user who posted how to make NES Stepping stones and homemade Tootsie Rolls. (Mmm, Tootsie Rolls...)

To perform the hack, fungus amungus started by taking apart a cartridge with a special bit made specifically for this sort of task; fungus amungus says that they bought their bit online but others have made their own bits for taking a part NES cartridges. Next, fungus amungus made a hole in the cartridge's outer shell with a dremel for the flash drive's USB connector, and then hot-glued the flash drive in place to the inside of the cartridge.

Now it's the NES's turn! After removing the cover of the NES, using the dremel, fungus amungus cut a hole in the 72-pin connector, as well as a small hole in the back of the NES for a USB extension cord to fit through. When the cartridge is inserted into the NES, instead of connecting to the 72-pin connector, the flash drive's USB port in the cartridge will connect to the extension cable in the NES. All that's left to do is hot glue the extension cable in place and to put the cover back on the NES.

And there you have it, a ridiculous NES flash drive. Just plug in the extension cable to your computer and plug the cartridge into the NES and you're connected! Check out Instructables for the full details. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to have my own ridiculous flash drive!

[Instructables via Technabob via Engadget]

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