iPhone's Daylight Saving Time Bug Bites Again

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The same glitch in the iPhone's clock that made loads of Europeans late to work last November has struck back with a vengeance. Instead of springing forward or standing still, many Verizon iPhone owners found that on Sunday their phones had fallen back, making them not only irritable and confused, but two hours off schedule.

The solution was an easy one -- manually restart the phone or put it in Airplane mode and then back -- and luckily this occurred on Sunday morning, so many people probably didn't bumble into work wicked early. But daylight saving time isn't due to hit the U.K. until 1 a.m. March 27, so there's a chance the iPhone may still wreak even more havoc on smartphones overseas.

This alarm clock glitch also punished New Year's Eve revelers this year by refusing to go off at all, which is doubly awful if you're missing work or a flight and you're hung over.

Crazy as it sounds, maybe those who are dependent on smartphones' alarms should invest in a cheapo $2 desktop alarm clock. Or maybe -- just maybe -- we should abolish daylight saving time once and for all!

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