Happy Pi Day: Pictures of Cool Pi Creations

Celebrating Pi Day with everything from Pumpkin Pi to neck ink to a Google Doodle.

Happy Pi Day

March 14 is Pi Day (3.14, get it?), and to celebrate the magical and mesmerizing mathematical constant, I've collected a dozen very special pi tributes from around the Web (here's a brief history of pi, to boot).

What would a celebration like this be without a few treats?

Pi Pie

Here's Paul Adam Smith's fabulous pumpkin pie (pi) via Flickr.

Pumpkin Pi

A Halloween spectacular from Cayusa via Flickr.

Pumpkin Pi Version 3.14...

Another take on Pumpkin pi by Stephenjjohnson on Flickr.

Pi on the Street

A scholarly tribute to pi at the Berlin Institute of Technology, in mosaic form at the entrance to its math building.

Pi Out of Pi

A geeky tribute in ascii form from Jorel314.

Pi Graffiti

A grittier view of pi, from Street Museo.

Pi Tattoo

The skinny on pi, from Monkeybum.

A Softer Side of Pi

And did you know pi has a softer side, as seen in this embroidered version from Marieke Kuijjer.

Embroidered Pi

And another embroidery take on pi from Pillowhead Designs.

Pi Art

Here's an artsy take on pi in Seattle near the Seattle Art Museum from Ed Ng.

Pi Ice

Pi is chillin' with these pi-ce cubes, as seen in our recent Slideshow of 12 Geekiest Snow and Ice Sculptures.

Picense Plate

License to pi, from Kris Beltran.

Pi High

Pi in the sky, from Edward Webb.

Google Gets a Slice of the Pi

Google paid homage to pi on Pi Day 2010 with this original formula-filled Google Doodle.

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