Evil Genius Simulator Puts Electrical Control in Your Hands

What do you do when you have a pair of tesla coils, a Kinect and alcohol-fueled inspiration? If you’re a group of British hackers, you create the Evil Genius Simulator, a hack that allows you to control the power of electricity by waving your arms.

The Evil Genius Simulator works by mapping the height of a user’s arms to the frequency of a sine wave fed to the tesla coil. That’s a fancy way of saying that the higher your arms are, the bigger the bolts of electricity out of the coils. So far, there’s no sign of the source code, but it looks like it would be fairly easy to reconstruct it, assuming you happen to have two tesla coils and a Kinect sitting around.

Blair Hanley Frank is laughing maniacally to himself. MWA-HAHAHAHAHA!

[Enyay on YouTube via Adafruit Industries]

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