15 Stupid Apple iPad Cases

If you want your iPad to look as if it's packaged in bacon, duct tape, a sweater, or some other ridiculous thing, check out these options--15 of the silliest cases we could find.

The iPad Is Cool, but These Cases Aren't

The iPad (and now, the iPad 2) is a sleek, sexy piece of Apple-branded machinery. But you can take away all of that enticing appeal by slipping one of these ridiculous iPad cases over your new toy. Who doesn't want to do that?

Chanel iPad Case

Maybe you bought the most blingin' iPad you could find--the Wi-Fi + 3G version, for a cool $830. Well, now you can spend twice that much on this Chanel iPad case. That's right: For just $1555, you can own this sweet, quilted Chanel iPad case. What a deal!

iPad Security Case

The iPad doesn't have a built-in Kensington lock port--probably because no one wants to lock an iPad to a desk/bike/pole/whatever? But if you are the one person in the world who does want to do that, the iPad Security Case ($75) is for you. This clear plastic case features a steel cable that you can use to bind your iPad to...things.

iMaxi iPad Case

When Apple introduced the original iPad back in January 2010, some people found the name to be a bit, well, offensive. Several female bloggers sneered at the name "iPad" for its resemblance to feminine hygiene products. Well, Hip Handmaids took that little joke a step farther with its iMaxi iPad case. The iMaxi ($25, Amazon) is just what it sounds like...a maxi-pad for your iPad. You can snag it in all white or with a red interior. Yeah...a red interior.


The ClamCase for the iPad ($119) magically transforms your iPad into a fancy, keyboard-equipped, standup tabletlike thing. I'm not sure what those are called...oh's coming to me...oh yeah, it turns it into a laptop. Honestly, I thought the point of buying a tablet was to free yourself from clunky keyboards...right?

iPad Sweater

What is that? A sweater vest and button-down shirt combo? No, it's just my iPad. Yeah, this recycled vintage iPad "outfit" ($65, by Etsy user findersandkeepersnet) will keep your iPad snug and...sort of stylish. On the plus side, it makes a good disguise for your iPad, since nobody will want to steal a lame change of clothes.

Duct Tape iPad Case

You saw the title of the article, so you knew a duct tape iPad case was coming. This one is actually kind of cool. Frank Hsueh, a reader of The Unofficial Apple Weblog, designed it and even found a use for those ridiculous stickers that Apple includes with every purchase. Plus, it's cheap. Can't argue with that.

Slugs iPad Case

Are you a gastropodologist? A UC Santa Cruz alum? If not, you have no excuse for outfitting your iPad in this Slug iPad case ($56) by Zazzle user Fallen_Angel_483.

Bulletproof iPad Case

Okay, so this Bulletproof iPad case ($50) isn't awful-looking. It's pretty slim; it has minimalist, modern ridges; and it's black. Also, it's bulletproof. Except it's not. I do love the description, though:

Stylish and lifesaving, this bulletproof* case will be the envy of your fellow colleagues of international intrigue and espionage.

*not actually bulletproof

Moustache iPad Sleeve

Maybe I'm just not hipster enough, but I do not understand the current moustache craze. Thus, I find this Moustache iPad Sleeve ($28) by Etsy user yummypocket to be absurd...but I admit that others will probably find it adorable.

ManHandle iPad Case (DIY)

What's that? You don't want an iPad case for your iPad because those things are girly? (Right, whereas the svelte profile of the iPad is super-masculine.) If you're concerned about appearances, try making this manly, hardwarey ManHandle case. It has drawer pulls and wood and heavy-duty jumper cords--and it's DIY! Yeah!

Louis Vuitton iPad Case

The Louis Vuitton iPad case is another item that will set you back nearly as much as the iPad itself. Priced to sell at a sweet $365, these sexy leather cases are available in both the classic monogram pattern (because, really, what's the point of LV if nobody knows you have LV?) and the Damier graphite checkerboard pattern.

Antjes iPad Bacon Case

The Internet's obsession with bacon rivals its obsession with moustaches, so it should come as no surprise that Etsy user Antjes has decided to hop aboard the bacon train. Antjes' iPad Bacon case ($59) is made of bacon-patterned felt and handmade to order.

iSkin Q.West Summit

Maybe I'm just a hater, but I can't stop laughing at the iSkin Q.West Summit iPad case ($95). What is even going on here? It's like a cross between the puffy ski jackets we used to wear in middle school and a waterproof sleeping bag. I shouldn't even have to try to explain how unattractive this thing is.

Syte iPad Shirt

I'm not sure that the Syte Shirt qualifies as an iPad case, but it does hold your iPad. It's also really, really unattractive. The $50 Syte Shirt is billed as a "hands-free, interactive iPad t-shirt" so that users can "carry their iPad in a safe and secure location while expressing their creativity." Need I say more?

Waterproof iPad Case

Want to use your iPad at the beach? In the ocean? In the shower? Try Trendy Digital's WaterGuard Waterproof case ($20). This case is made of UV-stabilized plastic and is super lightweight--in other words, it's an iPad-size Ziploc bag.

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