Customize Folder Icons When You Don't See a 'Customize' Tab

Reader Lis is a Windows 7 user who likes to use custom icons for folders. This is done, of course, by right-clicking a folder, choosing Properties, clicking the Customize tab, and then clicking the Change Icon button.

Just one problem: Lis says this no longer works. When opening the Properties window for a folder, there's no Customize tab. Where oh where did it go?

Don't feel bad, Lis--you've fallen into a Windows 7 "trap" that could easily ensnare anybody. What's most likely happening is that you're looking at your folders in Windows 7's Libraries view, rather than in Windows Explorer. When you do that, sure enough, there's no Customize tab.

Why? Because Libraries is kind of a folder aggregator. It doesn't actually contain your folders, but merely points to them. I realize that's confusing, but, well, that's the explanation. (Read more about the subject in Simplify File Organization with Windows 7 Libraries.)

What you need to do is open Explorer, navigate to the folder in question, then change its icon by following the previously outlined steps. That should do the trick!

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