iPad 2: Sold Out and Selling for $13,500 on eBay

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What's that? You didn't manage to pick up an iPad 2 last weekend? Don't worry, I have a solution for you: pick one up for $4000 on eBay UK. What? You live in the U.S.? Even better--you can pick one up for only three times that price: $13,500.

Yeah, you read that right. The Tech Herald reports that predatory eBay sellers are all over the iPad 2, with the most outrageously priced iPad 2 priced at 2,495 British pounds, or $4000. Never fear, for that is the 64GB, Wi-Fi + 3G model (thank goodness!). The Tech Herald reports that the lowest price they've seen is 570 British pounds, or $920.

Apparently buying and reselling Apple products is a lucrative business--and not just in other countries. The iPad 2, which launched last Friday, is already sold out in the United States, and more won't be shipped for another 4 -5 weeks, according to Apple's website.

Selling cutting-edge technology overseas at a mark-up is nothing new or special--The New York Post reports that a top-of-the-line iPad 2 can be re-sold in both the United States and in China for twice the price: $1700, instead of $830. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reports that iPad 2's are going for $2,000 in Hong Kong's "gray markets."

I live across the street from an Apple store, and now I feel like somewhat of a chump for not getting in on this business. I went ahead and checked out eBay.com to see what the iPad 2 is going for in the U.S. market--the most expensive iPad 2 is currently selling for a Buy It Now offer of $13,500 (64GB, Wi-Fi version, which normally goes for $700). The cheapest iPad 2 is currently going for a Buy It Now offer of $700 (16GB, Wi-Fi version, which normally goes for $500), and the seller will even throw in a free smart cover.

So if you really can't wait, you can still pick up an iPad 2 for a reasonable price. But before you throw out your old iPad and go on a $13,000 shopping spree for an iPad 2, remember this: the iPad 2 is slightly thinner, slightly lighter, slightly faster, and it has two cameras that are not any better than the camera on your cell phone, iPod, laptop, monitor, and digital camera.

Is it worth it?

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