Alcohol and Gadgets: A Great Combination (Sometimes)

Take a look at these places where tech intersects with alcohol. You won't want to miss the robots who pour or the camera flask, among others. And how about the interactive vodka?

Booze Tech

It's sometimes said that a journalist is a drinker with a writing problem, and it's true that — from time to time, and strictly in moderation — we enjoy the odd beverage. We decided to bring together both our professional and recreational lives, rounding up some of the greatest drinking gadgets out there. So raise a glass (or two) to some of these ingenious creations.

The Heineken Bot

The Heineken Bot was exhibited at the Kinetica Art Fair in London. The robot's sonar sensor lets it stop when you wave your hands above its head; then, simply place a cup in the holder and the robot will do the rest. After you've been served it will continue on its merry way. We think it's perfect for people without children or well-trained pets to fetch them a cold beverage.
Image: Engadget

'Interactive Vodka'

For those who prefer the harder stuff, Medea Spirits has produced what it describes as "the world's first interactive vodka". (We've had no trouble interacting with vodka in the past.) Medea vodka comes in bottles with LED displays that let you program in a message up to 255 characters in length. That's almost two whole tweets (and you know how much alcohol-induced waffle you can fit in there)! Personally, we'd go for "Urgent! We're stuck at the bottom of the bottle!" We're very amused that you can actually buy vodka that has its own page of programming instructions.

Andatech AL6000 Pro Professional Breathalyser

Why not pick up your own breathalyser so you can know just how sozzled you are. It's apparently Australian Standard certified, but we can't vouch for just how accurate it is, so get a taxi just to be safe. We can tell you, however, that it was a lot of fun to "test". Though we're still waiting to hear back from the accounts department about our expense claims from the review process.

The Bev-Cam Camera Flask

Some people understand the value of discretion - and the Bev-Cam is just the thing to wet your whistle if you fall into this camp. The Bev-Cam is a 145ml flask that looks like a digital camera, complete with a label claiming an 8.1-megapixel resolution. (We're sure there's some joke we could make about the need for optical image stabilisation after a few drinks.) Quite frankly, we're waiting for a version based on the Nikkon D3x digital SLR.

The iBreath

The iBreath is a combo breathalyser / FM transmitter for listening to your iPod on your car stereo. Wait, what? We suspect someone, somewhere, had a hard night of drinking when they came up with this.

AWOL: Alcohol Without Liquid

'AWOL' machines allow you to inhale a mix of vaporised alcohol and oxygen, thus eliminating all the serious health threats involved in a glass' journey from the table to your mouth. Or something like that. The method is supposed to eliminate hangovers and let you feel the impact of alcohol straight away, but concerns have been raised over its health implications.

USB Beverage Chiller

Think Geek sells a wonderful range of useful (and useless) gadgets. One of the, err, coolest (hur hur hur) is the USB-powered beverage chiller. What a wonderful way to keep a beer frosty while you cope with your graphics card's temperature soaring through the roof. To us, the perfect accompaniment would seem to be a few bottles of 3 Ravens USB (Uber Special Bitter) Strong Ale.

Alcohol Shot Gun

Okay we're pretty sure that someone had a few drinks to lubricate their brain cells when they invented the Alcohol Shot Gun. The idea is simple: project a shot of spirits into your (or a friend's) mouth. It's less hi-tech than AWOL, but more hi-tech than the humble pint glass. We're convinced that you could modify it to create an improvised, spirit-powered flamethrower if you find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Asahi Beerbot: Beer Pouring Robot

In the same vein as the mighty Heineken Bot: The Asahi Beerbot Beer pouring robot will fetch a can of beer from its internal fridge and pour you a cold one.

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