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There's a very slight possibility that there are a few people left in the world who haven't yet played avian-flinging physics-'em-up Angry Birds, perhaps due to not owning a compatible device. Now there aren't many excuses left to not try it, as the PC version is free for a limited time via a special offer from Intel's AppUp Center and BestBuy.

Top Story: Angry Birds free for PC

Intel's AppUp Center launched back in January as a response to Apple's Mac App Store which appeared as part of an OS X update around the same time. It is a standalone application which comes pre-installed on new Intel Atom-based netbooks, but is also available to download for standard Windows and Linux boxes. Like the Mac and iOS App Stores (and non copyright-infringing equivalents for Android) it offers users the opportunity to explore and discover new applications for their device, try them out and purchase them. The AppUp Center can also be used as an alternative "launch pad" for downloaded apps rather than using the Windows Start Menu, making it a good solution for people who find themselves baffled by traditional computer use.

To get your hands on a free copy of Angry Birds for Windows, you'll have to download the AppUp Center client from Best Buy's website. Then it's a simple case of registering for an account (ensuring that you say you live in the US, even if you don't) and logging in to find the $4.99 fee for Angry Birds waived. RockPaperShotgun reported that having the AppUp Center already installed requires users to uninstall and reinstall via the BestBuy link, and potentially having to register for a new account. But you do get a $4.99 game for free out of it, while Rovio, Intel and Best Buy all get a bit of free publicity.

The PC and Mac versions of Angry Birds haven't been quite as popular as the iOS and Android versions, perhaps because it was originally designed as a touchscreen mobile game. Or perhaps because there are entire websites like this devoted to free-to-play Flash-based physics games, many of which are quite a bit better than the heavily-marketed Angry Birds.

And if you're still holding out, don't forget that the game is apparently coming to Facebook very soon. There is no escape.

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