Make Your Own Car Smartphone Holder

Here's how to create a car smartphone holder out of a paper cup.

Make Your Own Car Smartphone Holder

Want to mount your smartphone in your car without paying for an overpriced plastic tray? Here's how to do it with a paper cup. Start by putting the cup in your car’s cup holder to determine just how high up you'll need to cut. Mark a line that indicates where the bottom of your phone will rest.

Mark the Cup

Draw lines to mark the cup at the four cardinal compass points. Then, starting at one of those points, move your pen up to about a half-inch from the top of the cup, and draw lines to the two closest compass points from the one you’re using. At each of those two compass points, draw a notch approximately the width of your phone.

Cut the Cup

Cut on the black line to create the back of the "chair" for your phone to sit in. You'll get a better look of how it fits in the next slide.

Bird's-Eye View

This is how the phone is supposed to rest in the cup.

The Finishing Touches

To finish your phone's throne, cut horizontally between the two notches. Feel free to cut less at first, and then trim down until you can get the perfect fit (as shown in the next slide).

Your New Phone Throne

You're done--now you have your very own Phone Throne. Don't forget to check out the rest of our DIY tech accessories for more quick how-tos.

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