Robots Can Juggle Better Than You

[Photo: ETH - IDSC]
Quadrocopters have come a long way from just flying around with four blades and being generally awesome. The latest news--or rather, cool video--comes to us from the ETH labs in Zurich: two quadrocopters working together to bounce a ping pong ball back and forth.

This "cooperative juggling" is carried out in the ETH's "Flying Machine Arena," and consists of two autonomous quadrocopter robots. The robots can keep track of the ball and thus figure out where to fly to in order to keep it in the air. They're not perfect, but they're certainly better at volleying than I am.

That's not all they can do--they can also dance, play the piano, and perform daring air flips. Yeah, they're pretty darn talented.

[ETH - IDSC via Engadget]

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