Top Story: Will Wright's New Company Denied Access to E3

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This morning's Top Story is the surprising news that Sims creator Will Wright's new company, The Stupid Fun Club, has been denied a pass for E3.

"So apparently the E3 folks decided my new company (The Stupid Fun Club) isn't in the electronic entertainment industry and is refusing to let my art director (Ben Taylor) attend. I guess thats what we get for having a fun (and stupid) name," Sims creator and industry legend Will Wright tweeted back on the 29th.

Somewhat surprising news, given Wright's past contributions to electronic entertainment, including one of the best-selling games of all time. However, the E3 organizers' assumption that the Stupid Fun Club isn't an electronic entertainment company is at least partially justified -- it's a technology company that provides solutions to all branches of life, not just interactive entertainment.

In fact, its manifesto reads more like something out of a science fiction novel, claiming that it "strives to work for the human and for the robot in creating complete symbiotic unity between the two." Right now, it's not entirely clear exactly what Stupid Fun Club is planning, save that it intends to "provide products not opinions, and shall be kept from public controversy." This ambiguity is presumably what led the E3 organizers to believe that the Club wouldn't fit with the new stringent entry requirements for the expo.

Back in 2009, VentureBeat caught up with Wright to discuss his upcoming projects, where Wright said he found the experience of working on his own "fun," and that he was "able to work on projects that are much broader than [he] could at Electronic Arts." The projects he was working on at the time involved one which was "toy-related" as well as a number which weren't.

"We're not restricted to one type of entertainment," Wright said. "We're kind of looking for ideas that cross a lot of different boundaries. Every product that we are working on has a web component. The web is like the connective tissue in entertainment today."

Mysterious. But sadly, whatever Wright and his small team might be working on, they won't be showing it off at E3.

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