Six Overhyped 2011 Games That Probably Won't Deliver

Here are six games that have the potential to be the biggest disappointments of 2011.

Destined for Failure?

These games have been chosen as the most overly hyped games coming up this year.

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Portal 2

Look, we know this is going to be controversial. But we just think that Portal 2 is going to be the difficult second album. Now that it's being tailored for consoles as well as PCs, and it's getting the mass-market treatment, we think Portal 2 is going to be dumbed down and cutesier than the original. Don't get us wrong, we'll play it, but we just think it's going to be aimed at the kiddy, easy-to-play market. We're holding out hope to be surprised, but let's be honest - does anyone else remember how bad Call of Duty 3 was on the Wii? Once the mainstream market picks up on what used to be an original concept, it messes it up.

Diablo III

Ditto with Diablo III. It's been a long time coming - almost 11 years have passed since Diablo II, and 15 years since the original, and both of these received universal critical acclaim. We know what you're thinking - why would Diablo III be any different? - but we have this to say: how can Diablo III live up to the expectations set by the first two? We're sure it will be excellent, but a long time has passed between drinks, and old memories are fond memories. For anyone who hasn't been playing the series recently, returning to Sanctuary could be a bit of a disappointing experience. And just like Starcraft II, we're thinking a major complaint will be that not really that much has changed between games.

Duke Nukem Forever

It's got a distinguished predecessor in Duke Nukem 3D (that's not to mention the original platformers), and we've been waiting, oh, fifteen years now? And yet another hiccup. Nothing can be as good asDuke will have to be to please everyone after such a long delay.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We know it's not made by the same folks who took care of Star Wars: Galaxies, but we still know you're being set up for disappointment here. Do you really think that SWTOR is going to look anywhere near as good as this screenshot? We're under no illusion that the gameplay's going to be chock-full of giant lightsaber-wielding leaps and valiant heroic action. Yep, mostly you'll be crafting and farming and grinding, just like every other MMO out there. And if you need any less incentive to play the game, check out the screenshot's comments: a never-ending stream of embarrassing role-playing fanboy drivel.

Driver: San Francisco

We love driving games - they're almost as fun as getting out of your basement and actuallydriving a car. But we're not looking forward to Driver: San Francisco, to be honest. There's a simple reason for this - since the original, the Driver series of games has seen a slow but consistent slump in quality. Don't believe us? Just look at the aggregate review scores from Metacritic: the original, the second and the third. Unless there's a miracle, our (admittedly shaky) maths says we should expect a score of 20/100. Eep.

LA Noire

Ever since the game's announcement, we've been bombarded with LA Noire marketing material: screenshots, trailers, concept art... it seems like every day there's something new coming out. And that worries us, to be honest - shouldn't Rockstar be concentrating on, y'know, the game itself? And you know what they say - once bitten, twice shy: after the intense disappointment that was Mafia 2, we're no longer confident any new guns-'n'-gangsters game can stand up to our fond memories of the original Mafia.

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