Fake Facebook Girlfriends are Newest Cloud Service

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You gotta love the cloud. These days you can pull practically anything from the electronic ether -- music, movies, email, documents, and now, a fake Facebook hottie to call your own. That is, if you sign up for Cloud Girlfriend.

For an as-yet undisclosed fee, Cloud Girlfriend will provide a living/breathing female to act as your girlfriend for the purposes of Facebook updates. No bodily fluids will be exchanged, nor will you be seeing any naughty pix or paying for "hot chat," but you will appear to be less of a pathetic loser to the world at large.

And you can do it in just four simple steps. Per the site:

Step 1: Define your perfect girlfriend.

Step 2: We bring her into existence.

Step 3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network

Step 4: Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl.

Or you can just skip the whole thing and watch Weird Science for the 17th time. (Kelly LeBrock -- now there's a real fake woman for ya.)

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Cloud Girlfriend is still in closed beta, so there's no knowing how this will play out for real -- or as real as Facebook gets. Still, many open questions remain:

* Can you have two fake Facebook girlfriends, and can you arrange to have them fight over you in public?

* If you cheat on your fake girlfriend, will she fake break up with you?

* Can you have fake boyfriends? How about fake threesomes?

* If your fake girlfriend dumps you, does that make you the ultimate loser?

* And, of course, how long can this service survive before Facebook squashes it like a bug?

As Business Insider's appropriately named Dylan Love notes, Facebook takes a real dislike to fake profiles (see "I got nuked by Facebook" for my experience on that score) and is likely to bring the mallet down on CloudGirlfriend.

Cloud Girlfriend co-founder David Furhiman told BI he's not worried, because Facebook is already filled with faux accounts:

"There will always be more profiles of dogs and cats on social networks than there will ever be of Cloud Girlfriends."

And at least none of his CGFs are likely to be dogs.

ITworld TY4NS blogger Dan Tynan is at least 57 percent sure that Cloud Girlfriend is not just an April Fool's joke. Take a walk on the snide side with him at eSarcasm (Geek Humor Gone Wild) or follow him on Twitter:@tynan_on_tech.

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