Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Networking Life

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As a tech enthusiast, nothing is more important than your network.

This may seem like a pretty big claim, but hear me out. Desktop computers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. So do laptops, gaming consoles, phones, storage devices, webcams, audio setups, ad infinitum. But we can trace a common line through almost any home computing product you can think of: It’s your network.

You can likely live without certain devices. It’d be tough, but you could make do with a desktop computer instead of a laptop, or a netbook instead of a tablet, or even that dusty pair of PC speakers that you bought at a garage sale instead of some shiny new wireless audio system. But without a functional network, you’re stuck. Instead of a connected workhorse, your desktop system becomes a solitaire machine. Your laptop loses most of what makes it a mobile productivity tool. Your network-attached storage drive is a doorstop.

Your network is the alpha and omega of your everyday life as a connected power user. But it can also be a headache: How do you root out the cause when your YouTube movies are streaming in fits and starts? How do you extend your home network to reach places it doesn’t reach now — or even build one from scratch? What additional devices, accessories, and products can you use alongside your network to make it — and your digital life — that much more awesome?

I’ve got plenty of networking know-how — and a house full of gear to boot. I’m going to cover everything but the wireless kitchen sink, including the latest news, how-to guides for setting up a myriad of wired and wireless contraptions, and reviews of networking gear you might want to add to your own setup. You can also expect to find some less common uses of wireless and networking technology to accomplish things that are just downright cool. If you can string an Ethernet cable to it or link a wireless signal to it, I’ll try to give it due attention.

And if you’d like to throw out any feedback, questions, or suggestions for awesome products for me to take a look at, don’t be a stranger: You’ll find me on Twitter @thedavidmurphy. Happy networking!

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