Kinect Hack Can Control Your Windows PC for You

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[Photo: Win&I, Evoluce]
If you have to do a few tasks after a long day at work, it would be much nicer to sit back and wave a wand rather than sit at a desk clicking. Although the magic wand may not be happening anytime soon, a Kinect hack will now do some of the hard work for you. All you need are a few hand gestures, a PC running Windows 7, and a comfy chair.

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Win&I by Evoluce is software that conencts Microsoft's operating system and its newest gaming accessory together, essentially eliminating the need for a mouse. The Kinect, connected via USB to a computer, will track hand gestures to allow the user to control their desktop or programs such as Microsoft Office.

The Kinect can pick up the gestures from four meters away in just about any lighting conditions, and doesn't require any calibration. Gestures are as simple as how you would work a tablet device with your fingers, except using your whole hand. It's pretty cool for showing off photo galleries, playing games, or giving PowerPoint presentations, but it does look a little awkward still if you want to drag and drop items around the screen. You would also have to grab your keyboard if you wanted to do some typing, which is a bit of a pain.

Still, it's a good take on interactive PCs (as opposed to using a touchscreen), and it will make you feel a little like you are in one of those sci-fi/futurisitc movies without being there. Check out the video below to see a quick demonstration. If you like the idea, prices for Win&I start at €19.90 (around $28.00), and there are two different packages to pick from.

[Win&I via Coolest Gadgets (Thanks, David!)]

Elizabeth Fish isn't too sure what to make of more interactive PCs...

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