Essential Gear for Pajama-Clad Professionals

Do you work from home? Power-lunch in your pj's? These indispensable items will enhance your live-work environment.

Work Where You Live? Here's Gear for Getting More Comfortable

Unless your office is a free-spirited, anything-goes kind of place, working in pajamas usually means working from home. And many people are working in their pj's (or T-shirts and sweats) at least part of the time: By the end of 2010, 8.5 million telecommuter households existed in the United States, according to research firm IDC. When you consider that the U.S. has nearly 118 million households, that's no insignificant number. Here are some items that can make your home office a more comfortable and productive workplace.

Executive Massage

Hey, you're the CEO at home…right? So why not enjoy a few executive perks, such as the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner with Remote? After closing the deal, let this massaging maestro conduct a soothing symphony on your neck, back, and shoulder muscles. The OS-4000 offers six massage styles, including kneading, clapping, shiatsu (ouch), and Swedish. Techies will love the LCD screen and wireless miniature controller. Luxury this deep doesn't come cheap, though: The OS-4000 will set you back $2900.

Don't Bump Your Head

If you don't have a spare room for a dedicated home office, the space-saving Wood Workstation Bunk Bed Office Computer Desk looks convenient for people with kids. While Mom or Dad toils at the workstation below, a youngster can slumber above in the comfy twin bed. Priced at $633, this hardwood bunk-bed office has a ladder and guard rails, so no one will drop in announced when you're on a conference call.


Lean Back

Rather than walking from your bed to the desk, why not bring the desk to your bed? The Leisure Solutions LD1001 Mobile Laptop Over-Bed Table Office Desk appears to be a natural choice for the pajama pro who works better in a supine state. This adjustable, mobile workstation rises 24 to 38 inches from the floor, and has enough room for a laptop and a mouse. Priced at $67, it includes top and bottom rails to keep your computer from sliding off the surface and onto you.

Wall Bed Meets Corner Office

With this bed-workspace combo, you'll never have to leave the home office. Stuart David's bedroom and office wall unit is a space-saving, solid-wood beauty that's useful when the office has to double as a guest room. The $9950 wall unit shown here includes a computer station (with pocket doors and a storage hutch), several bookcases, drawers for storing clothes, and a queen-size wall bed that folds up neatly when not in use. For affluent pajama professionals, this office-bed bonanza can't be beat.

Pedal Power

Here's a feel-the-burn idea for pajama-clad pros too busy for scheduled gym time. The Mini Home Exercise Cycle is a compact machine for cardio and leg workouts. Pedal to your heart's content while working on a spreadsheet or document. One caveat: The expected panting and heavy breathing probably wouldn't work for sales calls, unless you're in the phone sex industry. Affordably priced at $78, this small cycle might even fit under your desk.

Fitness Crazy

Here's another space-saving exerciser that you can use in your pajamas. During coffee breaks, climb aboard the Mini Crazy Fit massager and use the included remote control to select a fitness program; then hang on as this $280 vibration machine shakes, rattles, and rolls you, improving blood circulation and toning muscles. Although it isn't on a par with weight training or a lengthy run, the Mini Crazy Fit might just provide the burst of energy you need when the afternoon “drowsies” strike.

Stay in Bed

A pajama-friendly work environment is all about comfort, and what's more comfortable than working in bed? You'll need to sit up, of course, and that's where the Berkie System comes into play. This $378 ergonomic back aid is designed for people who suffer from back pain, arthritis, swollen legs, and other ailments. It also looks handy for home-office types who would rather not sit at a desk all day. The microfiber covers contain "millions of erect fibers that stimulate the skin," according to the Comfort Store.

Your Highness

A comfortable office chair is an essential component of the pajama-friendly workplace. The ItalModern Monaco High Back Mesh Office Chair is built to support your neck and head as you lean back to plot your professional path. Made from black mesh, the $280 chair has a fashion-forward design that will complement whatever pair of pajamas you happen to be wearing. The adjustable lumbar support will help reduce strain on your lower back, too.

Background Check

When you're taking part in a videoconference from home, background clutter and activity--such as a sink full of dirty dishes, or a preschooler playing--may appear unprofessional and distracting. The WebAround is a lightweight, collapsible backdrop that slips onto the back of a chair. It provides a professional-looking background for your Webcam sessions, and keeps viewers focused on you rather than on what's going on behind you. The WebAround costs $30 and comes in ocean blue, emerald green, or gray.

Office on Wheels

If you're in a technical field, the average home-office desk may lack the real estate you require for your heavy iron, such as multiple desktop rigs, a few monitors, and maybe a printer or two. The LAN Computer Rack Workstation is a space-saving option built to fit home offices. The $151 Model 3618 is 36 by 18 by 72 inches (width by depth by height). It comes with four adjustable shelves, a keyboard tray, a hanging shelf, and a side basket for accessories. Casters make the unit easy to roll around the office, if needed.

Image: WorkstationUSA

Lap-Size Desk

There are times in a telecommuter's life when you simply can't toil in the home office. A laptop desk such as the OFFI Overlap Tray affords the harried professional a bit of flexibility. Need to work on the living-room carpet while your toddler sits nearby, playing with Legos? This $159 tray has ample room for a laptop, a trough for work papers, and a holder for pens, pencils, and (of course) your coffee mug. It's truly a portable office.

Take a (Tablet) Stand

Has the iPad become part of your daily routine? Apple's slim slate is often a better choice than a laptop for reading e-mail and watching videos, and it deserves a spot on your home-office desk. The Luxa2 H4 is a sleek and sturdy stand that secures an iPad, an iPad 2, a Kindle DX, or another tablet or e-reader. It moves freely and rotates vertically or horizontally, thus presenting the correct orientation for the task at hand. Made of solid aluminum, the Luxa's a looker, too.

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